About Us

Thriving in the alarm business for over 40 years now, Richard Morales’s formula for success was built on a solid foundation of excellence, focused on complete customer satisfaction. He has skillfully balanced technology, innovation and dogged determination to find solutions and overcome obstacles. Morales’s goal has always been to provide customers with the perfect experience with product, expertise and precise installation. Having overcome many of the obstacles presented by new technology and construction, one hurdle has exasperated him for over 24 years. That hurdle was that no tool existed that allowed his alarm installers to line up the recessed magnetic contact switch and magnet while the door was closed. This solution has generated an incredible breakthrough, and has created Punch Point Tools, LLC. Morales, manager and founder, has designed a tool that makes possible the perfect alignment of a recessed magnetic contact every time. This is the new “Punch Point” alignment tool marking system. The “Punch Point” alignment tool marking system transfers reference points from the door frame to the door (or vice versa) with the door closed. This mark will accurately identify where to drill for your magnet. Simple but ingenious, you will never have to make a return visit due to poor contact alignment. This Punch Point alignment tool marking system is the foundation for Punch Point, LLC to build a complete system based on the patented methodology that is manifested in this invention. The line has been expanded to align dead bolts, latch bolt, drop bolt, ball catch strike plates, electric strikes, and much more. Punch Point Tools, LLC is poised to be the unique supplier of these exciting new products for years to come.